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The Frock [2017]

Choreography: Graeme Murphy

Creative Associate: Janet Vernon

Design: Gerard Manion

Costume: Jennifer Irwin

Lighting: Damien Cooper

Presented: Ten Days on the Island Festival 2017 Tasmanian tour, World Gold Arts Festival 2018, Saitama JAPAN

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The Stance [2016]

Choreography: Liesel Zinc

Dramaturge: Martyn Coutts

Sound Artist: Mike Willmett

Rehearsal Director and Assistant Choreographer: Robert Flehr

Presented: Salamanca Moves, Junction Arts Festival

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Abandoned Dances [2015-2016]

Choreography: Kelly Drummond Cawthon

Music Director: Michael Fortescue

Design: Jason James

Presented: Junction Arts Festival, Salamanca Moves, Glenorchy Transport Museum

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Episodes [2015]

A retrospective of works from


Choreography: Glen Murray

Dramaturge: Annette Downs

Design: Nicole Robson

Presented: Ten Days on the Island, Salamanca Moves, Tasmanian tour