MADE (Mature Artists Dance Experience) was founded in 2005  to provide mature adults with dance and theatre skills development  opportunities as well as highly aesthetic contemporary dance theatre performance outcomes that offer audiences an alternative view of contemporary dance and of the mature body in a performance context. The work of MADE is particularly timely and relevant in the context of a globally ageing population as it shifts the lens from a youth-centric culture to one that recognises and values the significant contribution mature adults make to our cultural identity.

MADE works ethically in a non-judgmental, supportive and encouraging environment facilitating revelatory and transformative experiences for its participants who discover that they are flourishing at a time when the dominant culture expects them to be withdrawing from active engagement. 

By making their bodies articulate, the women of MADE expand our notions of how older Australians might live, not simply how they might dance.
– Gabrielle Lis, Island Magazine

The foundation of all that MADE does is our program of community Open Classes. 

The Open Classes not only deliver the skills and understanding necessary to be able to successfully engage in high quality contemporary performance outcomes but also a substantial range of explicitly tangible individual physical and mental health and wellbeing benefits. MADE Open Classes are currently offered in Hobart.

Patron, Dr Julie Rimes FAICD, FACE, FACEL

Board Members

The members of the Board of Mature Artists Dance Experience (MADE) Inc. in 2017-18

Beverley Funnell (Chair)

Shirley Gibson (Secretary/Public Officer)

Sonia Shimeld (Treasurer)

Suzanne Leonard

Emma Porteous

Carmen Stephens


  • 2017   The Frock
  • 2016   Moment to Moment -  Mature Moves
  • 2016   The Stance
  • 2015   Abandoned Dances Series I & II
  • 2015   Episodes
  • 2014   Sing For Me
  • 2012    Family
  • 2012    RunAway
  • 2011    Birds
  • 2010    Princess
  • 2008   Pane
  • 2008   South West
  • 2006   Fair
  • 2006   Economy
  • 2005   Secret Love